May 15-18, 2023

From Lake Pamamaroo we travelled a further 130km South to the small town of Menindee and set up camp on the river bank on the edge of town. For the whole 4 days we were alone here while there were a handful of campers at the only national park campground currently open at the lake.

The town has two hotels, a store and two cafes as well as the school and Police station and a population of around 550 at the last census. We shopped for a few essentials at the store and enjoyed a fish basket at the cafe. A walk around town took us past these and the Railway Station; Menindee is on the main East-West railway line that can take you from Sydney to Perth on the Indian Pacific; trains between here and broken Hill or Sydney can be booked online and the train will then stop here.

This photo gallery takes you for a walk around the town including several of the art display boards placed around town, so far I have not been able to find the reason for these being here?

By Keith

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