Pine Rivers SG 002 P1000014Pine Rivers SG 002 P1000014

April 2022
Following Keith’s cataract surgery in Ipswich we had to leave the Showgrounds mid March after being allowed an additional week for the two lots of surgery; we returned to Pine Rivers for another 3 week period then early April back to Ipswich for the 4 week checkup and to organise some reading glasses. It was very strange after over 65 years of being short-sighted to driving without glasses and needing glasses just for reading!


My Nikon D5000 was finally showing signs of the sensor declining with randomly failed images so it was time for a change. The price of Nikon bodies has risen so much I searched for an alternative and something easier to carry around than the D5000 with the 18-400 Tamron lens I have been using for the last 3 years. The end result was a Lumix Z300, a so called “Bridge Camera” all in one with 24-600 zoom and intelligent zoom to 1200, the results are surprisingly good for a camera which, like the D5000, is only 12mp and 9mp in 16:9 mode.

Panoramic views from the office end and the rear

At Ispwich for a week we were treated to the Rainbow Lorikeets, Honeyeaters and other birdlife being attracted to the bushes in full flower right behind our van.

Back at Pine Rivers and a sunset after rain

By Keith

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