March 21, 2024

The area around Serpentine offers several walks and a couple of short drives; one of these is to the Serpentine Dam from which we returned via the forest roads with a walk out to Baldwins Bluff.

Baldwins Bluff is the highest hill seen here above the caravan park which is clearly visible from up there.

The dam has a cafe where we stopped for an afternoon tea and coffee and were warned about the over friendly Kookaburras of which 4 were present, two taking to the railings alongside a couple who had food on the table!

Baldwins Bluff has an easy walking trail from Scrivener Road, about 3km return and generally rather flat as you are already on the ridge. There is a walk up to here from the Falls which is classified as “Hard” and the falls can be clearly seen from the crest as per this small video.

It was a great surprise to see a whole flock of Carnabay’s Black Cockatoo up here, the South-West of WA is their only habitat and they are the most threatened of the Black Cockatoo species.

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By Keith

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