Sheffield 1 – The RV Stop

Sheffield.005 15h20m18s2019 04 03
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Above: Mount Roland dominates the skyline behind Sheffield

April 3-8, 2019

Heading back to Launceston for Frances to fly out to the UK we headed first for the Sheffield RV Stop and in the end stayed for five days until the Monday of the flight out which was not until 5pm. This particular weekend was the Supercars race meeting at Symmonds Plains near Launceston and so we guessed that most RV camps would be pretty full of fans until Monday and stayed where we were.  Being only an hour plus drive we were still at Old Macs Farm (again) by mid morning.

Sheffield.010 15h22m40s2019 04 03
Sheffield Rv Stop
Sheffield.088 15h24m17s2019 04 05

The RV Stop is in part of the Recreation Ground and camp fees of $5/night are collected by a volunteer every afternoon; there are no facilities as such but there are rubbish bins, a Dump Point at the entrance and a water tap for filling tanks at the corner of the site.

On the Friday we heard the distinctive sound of a steam whistle and as it happens the Steam Railway were putting up the temporary crossing signs and giving the loco a run before the once a month weekend when they run the train on their short section of track which passes behind the grounds.  The next day was nice and sunny so we took the ride (see next post)…..

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