Sheffield 2 – Redwater Creek Steam Railway

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April 6, 2019

The Redwater Creek Railway runs one weekend a month (except for mid winter) and on special occasions like at the annual Steamfest held on the same premises every March.  The Station is the original Sheffield building relocated about 300m to get it clear of the main road and the track is part of the original line through town.  The Station also has one of Sheffield’s many murals for which the town is well known.

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The fare for the short ride is $5 concession or $7 otherwise and they use genuine heritage style tickets suitably clipped by the conductor as you board the train.  The following images take you along the journey including moving the loco to the other end and returning with a view across to the RV Stop n the way back.

For a great video of the train journey go to the society’s web page here:

Within the seem complex is a miniature railway track (below left) and the Engine and Carriage Shed plus a few other buildings.

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