May 31, 2019

Our second short outing from our house sitting was to St Columba Falls, less than 30kms away via Pyengana.  This is one of Tasmania’s better known falls and at 90 metres, one of the tallest.  The road to the parking area is sealed all the way but narrow in the final few kms.  Once at the parking area it is about a 30 minute return walk to the falls lookout.

St Columba Falls Pyengana.001 11h01m27s2019 05 31

The walking track is well maintained and the maintenance crew were doing some path re-compacting when we were there; this is done by Parks Tasmania although this area is not a National Park but a Conservation Area. Most of the walk is downhill to the bottom of the falls which means uphill all the way back!  Not steep enough for steps though so one of the easier walks.


Along the way you cross a couple of small creeks which flow into the  South George River below the falls.  The river flows through to the coast as, finally, the George River and the Groom River which flows past us at our house sit flows into the George along the way.

Finally the river enters the Ocean via Binalong Bay just to the North East of the St Helens township.

At the end of the walking trail you get a first glimpse of the falls as you approach the viewing platform and finally a full view from top to bottom.

St Columba Falls Pyengana.026 11h22m41s2019 05 31

St Columba Falls Pyengana.021 11h14m56s2019 05 31

St Columba Falls Pyengana.020 11h13m35s2019 05 31

A signboard at the lookout provides the basic facts about the falls and a little history:

The falls have never been known to stop flowing and on our visit were running quite strongly after a little rain in the last week



Along the way down and back are some of Tasmania’s tree ferns at their best, including one that you just have to stoop to get under!

St Columba Falls Pyengana.018 11h11m27s2019 05 31

St Columba Falls Pyengana.017 11h11m22s2019 05 31

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