June 4, 2019

This is Australia’s Widest Tree:  A Eucalyptus Regnans, often referred to as Mountain Ash, and measured at chest height is a massive 19.4 metres around!  It is estimated to be just over 60 metres high so is nowhere near Tasmania’s highest (in the South west Forests) which has recently been measured at just over 100 metres.

No we didn’t have somebody else to take the photo it is a composite of two separate images, although just as we were heading back another two walkers appeared.  We thought we were the only ones out here on a sub 10 degree morning! (Although it was sunny when you got any through the dense canopy).

To reach the tree is about a 3.2km return walk with a loop part of the way following a not so old (1980s) water race and another giant known as The Cradle Tree “The tree that gives you a hug!”

Big Tree Walk Weldborough.043 12h17m23s2019 06 04

There are several very large trees along the way as well as a variety of walking conditions; the path is deliberately made so that it meanders through the bush with as little removed as possible and was constructed by a volunteer group, “Friends of the Blue Tier” which have placed a carved plaque at on of the turns (and junctions) in the track.

From here you divert around the loop to The Cradle Tree, below right.

Big Tree Walk Weldborough.049 12h35m33s2019 06 04

When you reach the Giant Tree you can walk right inside and there is a box containing a Visitors Book for your comments. The hollow centre extends for quite some distance upwards but with just the camera is hard to see how far (below)