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April 14

Yes we are still here and still in Alice!

We had some website problems and then some hosting issues followed by our existing hosting company (Just Host) jacking up their price by more than 100%; we have moved the site to host with GoDaddy where support has been excellent but it has cost us over 5Gb of download/upload to transfer the site!  More money for Optus/Amaysim!

We hope to have some new posts up soon with our activities since January and what has been happening since then,  Hope to be leaving here late May to get back for Laura’s baby’s birth.  Keith has surgery scheduled in Alice Springs Hospital on May 5 (3 days in hospital) then after a little recovery time we will hit the road for a 9 or 10 day trip back (about 300+ kms per day via Mt Isa, Longreach, Roma).

More soon

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By Keith

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