Ti Tree Roadhouse001 2014 10 28Ti Tree Roadhouse001 2014 10 28

October 27-29

Heading South after a spell in Tennant Creek we refuelled at Wycliffe Well roadhouse but didn’t stay because the caravan park doesn’t take pets (or so we thought but apparently they have just changed).  As you move South you pass by The Devil’s Marbles and a short loop road takes you right through the middle.

Devils Marbles002   2014 10 27
Devils Marbles002 2014 10 27

Having a look at the Barrow Creek roadhouse (ref Peter Falconio/Bradley Murdoch!) and their “caravan park” (very run down) we moved on to the roadhouse at Ti Tree which is really pleasant and stayed for 2 nights after hitting our daily highest again at 316km.

The final morning took us via Aileron where there are a couple of amazingly large metal sculptures and into Alice and having been recommended we went to the Showgrounds (or Blatherskite Park to be correct) which has a Seniors rate of $25 per night.

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