Above: Siding Springs Observatory seen on the way in to the National Park

Part 2 – January 31, 2019

Warrumbungles from Belougery Flats

This morning we started the day by walking the Belougerie Flats Walking trail – or is it Belougery?  Both spellings are used between the printed brochures and the signboards!  As the weather forecast was for a 34 degree sunny day we walked before breakfast but in the end we had another largely cloudy day so it wouldn’t have been a problem to walk later.
The trail is 5km starting from Blackman 3 and finishing right next to our van at Blackman 2; mostly fairly flat with one longer hill about the middle point but with great views unfolding as you progress around; the photo gallery at the bottom tells the story.  As yesterday there were ‘roos everywhere as well as a flock of Sulphur Crested Cockatoos and a lone Goanna climbing a tree (right – very camouflaged).

Goanna (centre of picture) climbing to safety.

Goanna (centre of picture) climbing to safety.

This is the “Dark Sky Park” promising views of the stars but unfortunately we have had two cloudy days and nights so no luck there but we did have a couple of pleasant sunsets:

Warrumbungles Sunset

… and a misty morning:

Belougerie Trail:
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