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September 9-12

On the way to our next stop we stayed over in another rest area which had plenty of room and overnight just a road train for company!

Wilson Creek- 001 - 2014-09-08

Another of those little gems of camp spots that you would never find without some information or knowledge (our Camps7 book).  This spot is 12km from the Bruce Hwy accessed via a turn off that looks like someone’s drive over a cattle grid (except that it is signed “Wunjunga”, the very small settlement here – about 40 houses).

A camping area set up some years ago after the council put in the first Public Toilet out here which the locals didn’t want in the town area so they put it next to a beach access track to what is know as the South Beach.  Now has an upgraded toilet (only 1 though!) with a tank rather than the original long drop.  There are also 2 tanks of town water, topped up today (Thursday) as I write this.  A donation box asks for $5 per night and while there is a theoretical stay limit of 4 days (by Council) it is not enforced and there is a couple of regulars who sort of supervise the place for the (Winter) season.

This where we are on Google Earth:







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