Townsville The Strand and Castle HillTownsville The Strand and Castle Hill

Sept. 20

We arrived here a week ago with a very sick-sounding Jackaroo; in the last few hundred km it had gradually gone from having rough idle (especially when cold) to losing power and sounding pretty awful by the time we got here.

Townsville 019 2014 09 21
Townsville 019 2014 09 21

It was obvious it was having an injector problem and a visit to the Holden dealer confirmed that the injectors were replaced in the safety recall in 2006 so it has probably done about 130k since then.  Finally found a mechanic to look at it (Holden dealer had nobody experienced with the Jackaroo and another workshop refused to look at it because of the complexity and the history they have had with Jacks); MB Automotive, about 2km from the caravan park were really great, Matt there soon discovered one injector completely gone and 2 more that are probably doubtful.  So.. we had to bite the bullet and pay for a new set of four at $3,000 (plus labour)…OUCH!!

Now running really great after getting it back yesterday and smoother than ever as the whole throttle body was cleaned and lubricated; that was probably giving some small problems due to the Jackaroo having a “fly by wire” throttle (no cable).  Anyway, we are leaving here Tuesday and heading West towards Mt Isa; we decided not to go up to Normanton this trip as we need to cut back our distances a little if we are going to make it via Renee and into SA before Christmas.

Anyway, more later…

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