March 24/25, 2024

Jarrahdale is surrounded by forest, much of which is National Park , and peppered with fire trails and walking tracks. the AllTrails App lists over 20 within a 5km radius so no shortage of choice here.

We opted for a shorter walk on Sunday afternoon, about 3.3km on the Mundlimup Trail; among the scenery we came across more Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos.

Mundlimup Trail follows the route of some of the temporary railway routes used for harvesting logs from the forest to the sawmills:

Kitty’s Ridge Trail takes a circular route, clockwise, along a Fire trail to the crest and a lookout, then a combination of a narrow path through the bush with amazing views to the coast and ocean , then back to the Fire trails. to return to the car park. This time the Black Cockatoos were the Red-tailed variety. . and our first St Andrews Cross Spider for a long time.

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By Keith

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